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Patton & Cooke Co’s Stacked Style Junction Bar provides cable connections beyond the conventional 4 point junction. It also reduces space requirement for installations with limited clearance. Available in a multitude of configurations rated up to 25kV.


Stacked Style Junction Bars



  1. Standard ratings for all junction bars:
    • Voltage: to 35 kV
    • Impulse Voltage: to 150 kV BIL
    • Corona Extinction: to 26 kV
  2. All junction bars are standard equipped with protective covers and mounting brackets. Parking stands are optional.
  3. Many combinations of 200/600/900 Amp junction bars are available


  1. Determine the following:
    • Maximum voltage, kV.
    • Current Rating, Amp.
    • Number of positions required for installation.
  2. Select catalogue number of junction bar
  3. Provide the maximum voltage, kV and substitute its corresponding extinction value for x in the catalogue number.
  4. Specify if mounting brackets or parking stands are required

Example 1:
15 kV (corona extinction = 15 kV), 5 point, 2×200 Amp and 3×600 Amp
Catalogue Number  JBS-2A/3B-15

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