Capnut Terminations

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Single and Three Conductor Systems Through To 35kV – Patton & Cooke Co. offers Capnut Terminations (Potheads) for single and three conductor cable systems. P&C Capnut terminations are designed for use where insulated cables are connected to generators, switchgear transformers, overhead lines or sectionalizing equipment. These terminations are suitable for any construction extruded dielectric, paper insulated, armored or teck cable.

Single and three conductor units are available in voltage ratings of 5, 8.7,15, 25 and 35 kV and accept #4 to 2000 MCM conductor sizes. A diverse selection of aerial lugs and entrance fittings allow easy installation of completed units. To compliment our Capnut Termination product line, P&C has designed product alternatives that eliminate the use of porcelain. The Rotary Arm Oil Switchgear Repair Bushings are vacuum cast from silica based thermal setting resin and replace original porcelain bushings.  P&C also offers Single Phase Apparatus Bushings.


Capnut Terminations (Potheads)


  1. Capnut terminations with 35 kV voltage ratings are also available. Contact factory.
  2. Stress cones kits and potting compound are sold separately.
  3. Complete catalog number listings are available for all capnut terminations shown above.
  4. Contact factory to receive separate listings.


  1. Determine the following:
    • Single or three conductor
    • Outdoor or indoor use
    • Maximum voltage, kV.
    • Parallel or divergent bushings
    • Body style for three conductor
  2. Provide the maximum cable size from #4 to 2000 MCM.
  3. Specify:
    • the type of entrance fitting
    • the type of aerial lugs required for overhead conductor(s)

Example 1:

Three conductor, outdoor 15 kV, 500 MCM max. Cable, divergent bushings, flat body shape, wiping sleeve equipped for cable entry and universal clamp type of aerial lugs.

Catalogue Number  TF-534-WS-1

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