Standoff Insulators

Patton & Cooke standoff insulators are cast from thermal setting resin and suitable for indoor applications. Stand off insulators are designed for spacing bus or connectors.


Standoff Insulators


  1. Metric sizes are available. Contact factory.
  2. Insulators with unique bolt patterns and nsulators equipped with studs are available. Contact factory.
  3. When inserts are ordered for each end of the insulator, the insulator will be supplied with the bolt pattern in line. If inserts are required at 90deg., add-90 to the catalogue number.


  1. Determine the following:
    • Voltage class, kV.
    • Impluse voltage, kV BIL
  2. Select the catalogue number
  3. Determine the bolt pattern for the inserts on the top (x) and the bottom (y) of the insulator. From this information and the table below, substitute the appropriate catalog numbers for the suffixes x and y.

15kV, 95 kV BIL application with a 1/2″-13 NC insert in the center of the top and two 1/2″-13 NC, 3″ bolt circle inserts on the bottom of the insulator.
Catalogue number: IN-15LNE-AL

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