Duct Liners/Clamps

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Patton & Cooke duct liners provide a barrier between cable and duct entrances in vault installations. Duct liners protect cable from abrasion damage caused by contact with duct’s rough surface. The edge design of the duct also provides strain relief. For maximum cable strain relief, Patton & Cooke duct clamps should be used with Patton & Cooke duct liners as illustrated above.

Installation of Patton & Cooke duct clamps on cable protruding from a duct reduces the cable strain associated with an installation of this type and can aid in eliminating ‘cable creep’. Duct clamps are molded from urethane and securely fastened with hose clamps for excellent cable grip.



Duct Liners/Clamps

Duct Size P&C Cat. No.  Dimensions
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in)
102 mm 4 in 5M52-32 165 mm 6.50 in 15 9mm 6.25 in 117 mm 4.63 in
127 mm 5 in 5M52-40 300 mm 11.81 in 240 mm 9.45 in 150 mm 5.91 in


  1. Determine the duct size
  2. Select catalogue number and the duct liner

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