Aircraft Warning Markers

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Patton & Cooke aircraft warning markers have many years of field proven service making transmission and distribution lines clearly visible. Aircraft warning markers are manufactured of light weight, ultra-violet and weather resistant fiberglass.


Aircraft Warning Markers


Voltage Class (kv)  Diameter Colour  P&C Cat. No.  Weight
(mm) (in) (kg) (lb)
138 762 30 White 10C10-30-WH 10 23
Orange 10C10-30-OR
1321 52 White 10C3-52-WH 32 70
Orange 10C3-52-OR
230 762 30 White 10C-30-WH/S 12 27
Orange 10C3-30-OR/S
1321 52 White 10C3-52-WH/S 34 74
Orange 10C3-52-OR/S
500 762 30 White 10C3-30-WH/S5 14 30
Orange 10C3-30-OR/S5
1321 52 White 10C3-52-WH/S5 35 78
Orange 10C3-52-OR/S5


Voltage Class (kv)  Diameter Colour  P&C Cat. No.  Weight
(mm) (in) (kg) (lb)
138 915 36 White 10C3-36-WH/S 14 30
Orange 10C3-36-OR/S
Yellow 10C3-36-Y/S


  1. For 230 and 500 kV lines the aircraft warning markers are shielded. Shielding is a result of a special “concloth” inside the sphere making it semi-conducting
  2. The 138 kV aircraft warning markers are suitable for mounting on de-energized or grounded lines only.
  3. A full range of suspension clamps to cover many conductor sizes are available. Contact factory.


  1. Determine the following:
    • Voltage class
    • Diameter of sphere
    • Colour
    • Size of Conductor
  2. Select the catalogue number

230kV, 1321 mm, orange
Catalogue number: 10C3-52-OR/S

For more information on Aircraft Warning Markers, please contact:
Patton & Cooke Co.

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