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Reliable, Water-Tight, Performance – For  dredging applications, using electrical power can reduce operation costs, increase available power to motors and pumps and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Patton & Cooke couplers have become the International Standard for powering Cruise Ships while docked — the largest ships requiring up to 2000 Amps at 11, 000 Volts. We are the only US Navy approved coupler for connecting Naval Vessels while docked.




  • Medially-positioned grounded surface running through the insulator plate to channel ground fault current should the insulation system fail
  • One ground and one isolated pilot
  • Front-end serviceable
  • Silica sand filled thermo-resin (non-EPDM) fire-retardant insulator
  • Individually threaded phase insulator tubes
  • Locking type stems to preven torsional conductor damage
  • marine grade stainless steel hardware
  • Accepts conductors to 500 MC (250mm2) and diameters up to 3.5″ (90mm)
  • Highly chemical resistant CSM – (Chlorosulphonated polyethylene) gasketing
  • Silver-plated male and female phase contacts
  • Non externally-threaded bell-housing
  • Non-metallic strain relief cable calmping inserts
  • Compressing-type cable seals on entrance fitting
  • Partial discharge extinction voltages not less than 7kv
  • 3-bolt or 90° connection feature
  • Includes Live-End Cover
  • IP65 Rated


  • Easy, on-site, front-end maintenance
  • Fast and positive coupling and uncoupling
  • Weatherproof covers
  • Designed for superior coupler life
  • Reduced installation time
  • Industry-wide compatibility
  • One person operation

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