15 kV Cable Couplers

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For higher voltage applications Patton & Cooke Co offers the 15 kV, 500 Amp series trailing cable coupler. A rugged and dependable performer, the 15kV coupler features a round body design and fits right in with the Patton & Cooke 600 Volt and 8kV couplers.

Our designers have ensured that the 15 kV unit can be configured for interchangability with other couplers of North American design. Or, using our conversion kits, update your threaded body couplers to Patton & Cooke quick flip style in just a few minutes. With its compact and front-end removable contact design, the 15 kV coupler can easily be rebuilt for longer life and long term cost savings.


15 kV Cable Couplers

Patton & Cooke C150 Series 15 kV 500 Amp couplers are one of the most versatile and widely used couplers in the world. Already the standard for mining applications, Patton & Cooke is proud to have the C150 series trailing cable coupler serve as a model for the first-ever, medium voltage cable coupler standard.

We Listen to our Customers 

You asked for it and we did it… Designing and manufacturing electrical connectors for 55 years, Patton & Cooke knows that different applications require different solutions. For that reason, our 15 kV couplers offer the widest range of features and options available in the industry. Because of our design and manufacturing flexibilty, we can incorporate new features and enhancements and offer them at reasonable prices – and the features we incorporate typically save customers time, energy, and money over the life of the product. Just look at a few of our most popular features and requested options:

* 3 Bolt “Quick-flip” front body

* Front-end serviceable contacts

* Medially located ground shield

* Mechanical interlocking

* Integrated fiber optic cable connection

* Custom contact configurations

Patton & Cooke’s C150 Series trailing cable couplers are a versatile, dependable, and customizable coupler that will provide a safe and lasting performance for your medium voltage application. Check our all of the features that we offer in this coupler, and if you don’t see what you need – contact us and we will work with you to incorporate your requirements.


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