Strain Relief Entrance Fittings

Postitive, Waterproof Seals – The Strain Relief Entrance Fitting combines a water tight seal with a positive clamping action around the cable. It is ideal for permanent entry of a cable into a mine power center, switchgear, disconnect switch or a standard terminating box. These fittings are available in 4 sizes which cover cable outside diameters from 0.82 to 3.5″ or 21-89mm.


Strain Relief Entrance Fittings

Patton & Cooke Catalogue No. Outside Cable Diameter
C150F3029 21-47 mm 0.820-1.870 in
C150F3030 48-60 mm 1.880-2.370 in
C150F3031 61-69 mm 2.380-2.750 in
C150F3032 70-89 mm 2.760-3.500 in


  • Each kit consists of 2 clamp inserts and 1 cable gasket.
  • Choose the kit to fit the outside diameter of the cable.
  • Make sure that the diameter of the kit chosen falls within the outside cable diameter range of the selected strain relief entrance fitting.


  • Determine the outside cable diameter.
  • Select the catalog number of the strain relief entrance fitting.
  • Clamp inserts and cable gaskets must be purchased as a kit for the entrance fitting.


Cable diameter 2.25″

Strain Relief Ent Fitting C150F3030

Ent Fitting Gasket Kit C150F3017

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