Gasket Replacement Kits

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It is important to replace worn or damaged gaskets, as part of your coupler inspection cycle to extend the life and performance of your coupler. For your convenience, Patton & Cooke has packaged together all the gaskets required for the most common couplers, in one part number.

We highly recommend that all sealing gaskets be replaced with each build cycle, as simply tightening bolts will not improve a worn seal.  Gaskets and seals are inexpensive and easy to replace. Call us for more info or contact your local distributor or agent.


Gasket Replacement Kits

Each Patton & Cooke Gasket Replacement Kit includes all the gasket and seals required for any one coupler series.  Please refer to your Patton & Cooke Coupler Part number to choose the correct Gasket Kit below.

C06 – 250 Amp Series
Catalogue Number: GA-V196

PK / PL – 250/400 Amp Series
Catalogue Number: GA-V193

C80 – 250/400 Amp Series
Catalogue Number: GA-V194

C80 / C150 – 500 Amp Series
Catalogue Number: GA-V195

Note: all Kits are designed for standard contact arrangements. If you have additional pilot or ground contacts, additional materials may be required.

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