Coupler Installation

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Patton & Cooke Professional Services - We offer a comprehensive cable coupler installation service which includes appropriate stresscone terminating, high pot testing and compound filling (if required). Installation is quick and professional, so your cable arrives on time at your job site and ready for immediate use.


Coupler Installation/Termination

Available Products & Services
Cable Assemblies: Includes labour to strip cable, apply stress cone kit and terminate coupler (fiber optics option also available)
Cable Preparation: Labour only to strip cable and apply stress cone kit   
Testing:  Standard testing includes hi-pot testing to IEEE-48, VLF testing services also available 
 Patton & Cooke Product Voltage Diameter over Conductor Insulation Catalogue Number


These kits include all materials and instructions necessary to terminate
one end of a three phase cable.
Stress relief and insulation is provided by heat shrink tubing.  

Note: Solder and solder paste (if required) are not included in these kits, but can be purchased as separate items.



5, 8, 15 kV

.59-.98 in

15-25 mm


.79-1.26 in

20-32 mm


1.10-1.75 in

27-42 mm 

Patton & Cooke Product Voltage For Use With Qty of Compound


3 litre
Cat. No. OS-J990-MV3

5 litre
Cat. No. OS-J990-MV5


 5 kV   Cable Mount

 1 x 5 litre

 Junction Box 2 x 5 litre
 8 kV   Cable Mount  1 x 5 litre
 Junction Box 2 x 5 litre
 15 kV  Cable Mount

1 x 5 litre
1 x 3 litre


  1. The recommended potting compound is GUROFLEX manufactured by TE Products.  Potting compound is required for 15 kV couplers and junction boxes, and recommended for 5 and 8 kV couplers and junction boxes exposed to extreme changes in temperature and humidity.  Kits are available in full 3 litre and 5 litre containers.
  2. Cables for termination should arrive "joy wound" (both ends exposed) on cable reels or additional cost for re-reeling may be applied.
  3. If VLF testing of cables is required, an additional charge will be applied.

Fiber Optic Installation Services

With increasing demands for data acquisition and processing in industrial applications, there is an increasing need for fiber-optic based communication solutions, adapted to these environments.  Patton & Cooke offers a wide range of fiber optic and hybrid (integrated) fiber/power cable solutions.  Whether your project requires custom configurations or conformity to Mil-Spec standards, Patton & Cooke will deliver timely and cost-effective solutions.  With over 50 years of experience serving connectivity solutions for mining, high voltage utility, and industrial markets, the experts at Patton & cooke are your trusted partner for demanding, mission-critical application.


On-Site Services:

If your project requires experts at your location, the Patton & Cooke professional services staff will provide the installation, maintenance, training, and/or repair services to meet your needs.  Contact us to learn more about how our in-house team and our global network of high voltage and fiber optic specialists can work for you.


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