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Modern mining processes and equipment are generating increasing volumes of data.  While existing fiber optic technology offers support for the volume of data, available hardware and connectivity options were not designed for the unique demands of mining applications.  To meet this need, Patton & Cooke has integrated fiber optic capabilities into our rugged and dependable mining cable couplers.  Integrating fiber optic cable into mining cables provides sustainable protection for the fiber elements, and Patton & Cooke's multichannel fiber connectors make connection and disconnection of the fiber quick and easy.

Coupler Features:

  • Enhanced entrance fitting combines strain relief and cable seal
  • Solder, solderless, or crimp style contact stems
  • Standard couplers supplied with two piece contacts for ease of maintenance
  • Customizable contact arrangement
  • Individually replaceable phase tubes
  • Fully shielded phase conductors
  • Optional one piece contacts for extreme vibration resistance
  • Stainless steel quick flip coupling eye bolts
  • Heat treated, cast aluminum body

Fiber Features:

  • Patton & Cooke fiber optic components are designed to exceed military specifications
  • Three times the crush resistance and twice the tensile strength of non-metallic fiber optic cables
  • Communication is not impacted, even if rolled over by a tank
  • Completely rodent proof
  • Contamination resistance - designed for field connection and disconnection
  • High performance 2.5 mm termini and a split ceramic alignment sleeve assures superior performance and low optical insertion loss, even under high shock and vibration
  • Aluminum body with durable anodized finish
  • Stainless steel construction available
  • Environmental sealing to IP68
  • APC termini optional
  • Singlemode, and Multimode operation
  • Configurable design supports from 2-18 fiber channels per connector

Fiber Connector Characteristics:

Insertion Loss



0.15dB typical

0.20dB typical

Return Loss (UPC) Singlemode 50dB typical
Return Loss (APC) Singlemode 65dB typical
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C (Per EIA/TIA 455-3A)
Durability 0.1dB typical change, 500 matings (Per EIA/TIA 455-21A)
Vibration 10-200Hz/15g (Per EIA/TIA 455-11B)
Mechanical Shock 50g for 11ms (Per EIA/TIA1-14A)
Impact 8 Impacts @ 8FT (Per EIA/TIA 455-2B)
Corrosion 168 Hours @ 22° (Per GR-326)
Groundwater Immersion 336 Hour Salt Spray (Per EIA/TIA 455-16A)
Environmental Seals 20 PSI (Per EIA/TIA 455-23A)


  • Mine power distribution
  • Shaft sinking/drilling
  • Quay/harbour cranes
  • Tunneling
  • Shore to ship power





5/8 kV

Electrical Characteristics
Nominal voltage 8 kV AC
a.c. withstand voltage 26 kV dry (1 min)
Impulse a.c. withstand voltage 75 kV (10 pos, 10 neg)
Partial discharge (for high-voltage equipment) 100pC @5.5 kV*
Nominal current 250/400 Amps
Short circuit rating 38 kA
Short time short-circuit withstand capacity 13.5 kA for .2 sec
Peak withstand  28 kA
Mechanical Characteristics
Enclosure degree of protections IP67H
Acceptable cable cross-sectional area 350 MCM/120 mm max.
Construction materials Aluminum
Ambient temperature -40°C to +40°C
Shock and vibration IK10


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