Cam Clamps

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Hot Stick Operation For Added SafetyOur cast bronze alloy cam clamps are universally compatible with other manufacturer’s products. P&C cam clamps are ideal for high voltage or unusual uses where cable couplers are not appropriate.

There are two parts required to make a cam clamp assembly; the cam clamp bushing which is soldered to the portable cable conductor and the cam clamp which is bolted to a bus bar or terminal pad. The cam clamp bushing is then inserted and clamped


Cam Clamps


Determine the following:

  • The maximum current rating.
  • The outside diameter of the conductor to be installed in the cam clamp bushing.
  • Select cam clamp bushing and cam clamp catalog numbers.
  • Provide the conductor size and substitute appropriate code for x from suffix table above.


Maximum current – 300 Amps, conductor size – 500 MCM

Cam Clamp Bushing Cam Clamp
BUS-023-23 CC-2N-B62
BUS-024-23 CC-2N-B75
BUS-025-23 CC-2N-B87
CON-109 Pilot Phase Conn Pin

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