Patton & Cooke Co.

Designing and Manufacturing High Voltage Electrical Equipment Since 1961

Since 1961, Patton & Cooke has been designing and manufacturing medium and high voltage electrical connectors and equipment for mines and utilities around the world.

From 600 to 25,000 volts, 145 to 650 Amps, Patton & Cooke designs and manufactures trailing cable couplers, junction boxes, and splitter boxes, as well as cable and coupler handling devices for the safe distribution of power to both mobile and fixed mining production equipment.

We also specialize in providing products with special features and innovative enhancements to expand beyond the standard devices used in the Separable Insulated Connector line such as 5 and 6 position junction bars, 3 phase “Y” splices, combination 200 and 600 Amp junction bars, as well as Cable Transition Splices for oil-filled cable to dry dielectric cables.

Though we have a standard offering of products, Patton & Cooke’s team of field engineers are continually working with customers to co-develop, customize and test new products.  We also help our customers install, operate and maintain our products, and provide valuable in-field training.  Such support is an important part of the world-wide reputation we enjoy for rugged and dependable products, backed by skilled and responsive in-field service.

With over 55 years of experience, Patton & Cooke Co. is the first choice for quality high voltage mining products and accessories.



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About Patton & Cooke Co.

Patton & Cooke was founded in 1961 by an electrical engineer and an electrical designer. Their guiding principle was simple: more


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